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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Happy Days

Some nice smiley pics from the finish line.

Whilst there is a saying that your wife may grow up to look like her mother.... lets hope little Logan avoids ... well... you know.

Joking aside... be very proud of your dad Logan... he did a great thing and is certainly a good example for you

(just don't take any advice on skeet from him!)..

 barn door... ten paces... 'nuff said ;-)

Donkey's butt...... banjo ... etc..etc...etc

PS - We handed Helmund back to the Yanks (as they own everything) but I understand they do caravan holidays in the Sahara..... I don't think I've got the right tow hitch though ??

Just 300 miles to go then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to some kind of normality after a fantastic few days in the saddle, with great camaraderie and having given a fairly good account of myself.

You guys have been great and thanks to those who've been following me on the blog and to those who've parted with their hard earned (or stolen) cash by donating. It's still not too late you know. Just click any one of the links on this page and do it's unfashionable not to!

Rob has kept things going on here despite lack of pics and stuff but undeterred, he's been getting by with dishing as much p""s taking as humanely possible. So, by way of a thank you I've arranged a lovely little holiday break in the quaint little village of Helmund.........Enjoy!! You may wanna check your new motor has the towing capacity to take an armoured caravan!! Or will you do the usual...........dump Caroline there and f""k off back!!

A huge surprise to see my wife and lovely boy at the finish line, though a bit gutted when she told me it took her just 3 days walking, pushing Logan in a pushchair and with motherinlaw in tow........bugger.

See you all on the dark side soon

Monday, 20 September 2010

Our Border Controls are Useless

Despite best attempts to give our man at least an overnight stay in French transit camp, the bribe to border control didn't work and they let him back in.

On a serious note.... great to see you back in one piece... just.... !!!

Hopefully some photos etc later !!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Lundi est arrivé à Paris

Which roughly translated says our man is on the pi**!!!

Shaun says "All over now. Celebration nosh and beer in the shadow of the arc de triomphe. 1st today also, getting boring now!! Luv to all at home, c u soon"

Its not too late to sponsor you know...... 

FINAL DAY - Get sponsoring

If you've not donated yet please do so HERE  . Shaun has put a lot of time and effort into training for this and whilst the donation so far are fantastic... every single penny goes to a great cause so get on with it !!

So here's today's agenda.... and as I drag my sorry ass out of bed to type this... Munday will have already had a beer and a fag (known as a "power breakfast") and be on his way to gay Paris... not that you should read anything into that.

Today's route... a trifling 87 kms... there in time for lunch and hopefully some piccies to show you later..

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thanks mate

A big thank u to rob for the help with posting. Had real probs with connections everywhere, so please, blame the the french media networks like you'd blame them for everything else!

The rides have been fairly straightforward (backwards would be a worry) and not too demanding. Clearly training has paid off. Can't believe it's almost over, just next years tour to aim for! A big thanks also to all who have supported me, it means a lot. Final 60 into Paris tomo and sure to be am emotional event (always luv u mum). Thinking bout you all as I cross the finish line under the tower. C u soon xx

Shaun has prisoners...

I mean friends... 

Shaun says "A couple of bike wan*ers as some might say. About two hours after this pic the girl, Nicola, was hit by a car and taken to hospital. She's OK now though. Dangerous game this cycling lark."

Poor girl probably threw herself under the car after hours of Munday's inane ramblings....

An amusing French roadsign......

OK so the French don't do humour so well... certainly not as well as the Germans so here's a funny German road sign.....